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The purpose of this app is to provide a fun way to learn more about random things in a particular category with Bing Search.

•  Specify number of non-stop Bing searches
•  Pause and Resume non-stop Bing searches
•  Long-click Search/Pause to reset search and
    return to Bing Rewards Dashboard
•  Specify delay between Bing searches
•  Select search category (More coming soon!)
•  Long-click Show/Hide settings to reload search
    categories from the web.
•  Automatically start searching when app is launched
•  Automatically close app when search has ended
•  Use phone back button as web back button.

As an added bonus, earn extra reward points through Bing Search!
This app is not in any way affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by Microsoft (Owners of Bing)

Earn up to 30 points a day with Bing search using a laptop or desktop.
Earn an extra 10 points a day with Bing search using a phone or tablet.

Bing Search Rewards Program is a way to earn credits for popular gift cards: Starbucks,, Groupon, GameStop, XBOX, Applebees, Fandango, and much more.

Learn more about Bing rewards here:

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