About me

    In 3rd grade I remember learning about simple electronic circuits and absolutely loving it so much that I went home and made a simple circuit from my old cassette tape player.
    It had a switch, a light to indicate it was on, and a motor with a LEGO airplane propeller fitted to it. When I turned it on the propeller would pick up enough speed to pop off, fly up in the air and gently fall back to the ground. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world!
    I was so impressed with myself, especially since I was able to do all this without any help from anyone else.
     Ever since then I would always take apart broken things and create new gizmos out of them. I soon discovered that I could easily fix many items that others would have tossed. My fascination led me to disassemble anything cool just to see how it worked, and I was always able to reassemble it without much difficulty.     Now, being an electrical engineer, I enjoy a good challenge and am thrilled when I am able to bring my projects to life.

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